Nilagang Mais (corn)

Corn is known scientifically asZea mays. This moniker reflects its traditional name, maize, by which it was known to the Native Americans as well as many other cultures throughout the world.

You can get health-supportive antioxidant benefits from all varieties of corn. But recent research has shown the antioxidant benefits from different varieties of corn actually come from different combinations of phytonutrients. In the case of yellow corn, it's the antioxidant carotenoids leading the way, with especially high concentrations of lutein and zeaxanthin. 


Cooking Instruction for Nilagang Mais

Cooking nilagang mais is super easy

  1. Clean the cobs by removing the husks and silk
  2. Put the cobs in a casserole and add water.  Water should cover all the cobs
  3. Boil until corn is tender
  4. Drain and serve
Tip:  You can also cook nilagang mais with the husk and silk still intact.  But I personally prefer removing them.

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