Bamboo Shoot with Milkfish (Bangus) and Jute Leaves

Bamboo shoots are edible new growth harvested from the bamboo plant. They are very popular in the cuisine of many Asian nations like the Philippines and are available in the country during the rainy season.

A traditional forest vegetable in China for more than 2,500 years, bamboo shoots are not only delicious but are also rich in nutrients, and rank among the five most popular healthcare foods in the world. In Japan, the bamboo shoot is called the King of Forest Vegetables.  Modern research finds that the bamboo shoot has a number of medicinal benefits, from cancer prevention and weight loss to improving appetite and digestion. It is also low in sugar and therefore can be used for treating hypertension, hyperlipemia and hyperglycemia.

Japanese scientists recently discovered that bamboo shoots contain anti-cancer agents and making them a regular part of your diet effectively eliminates the free radicals that can produce dangerous carcinogens.


Bamboo shoots

Bamboo shoots

Saluyot or jute leaves on the other hand is rich in beta-carotene for good eyesight, iron for 
 healthy red blood cells, calcium for strong bones and teeth, and vitamin C for smooth, clear skin, strong immune cells, and fast wound healing. In other words, saluyot is a nourishing green leafy vegetable. Secondly, it is the legitimate source of the world's raw materials for containers of rice, corn, sugar, mongo and other commodities.

Saluyot is a leafy vegetable popular among Ilocanos, pasao, pasao na bilog or tagabang among Tagalogs, and lumbal, sumpa or panigbin among Visayans. Saluyot is easy to propagate, you can start harvesting the leaves after one month. It is easier to plant saluyot than any other crop since you don't need pesticide and fertilizer to grow the crop.


Cooking Instruction for Bamboo Shoot with (Milkfish) Bangus and Jute Leaves 


1/4 kilo grated bamboo shoot
1 bundle jute leaves
1 medium grilled or fried bangus cut into 3
1 medium onion
1-2 tbsp anchovies (bagoong)
2 cups water

How to Cook:

  1. Boil grated bamboo shoot until tender.  Drain and set aside
  2. In a casserole add 2 cups water and onion 
  3. When water starts to boil, add anchovies (bagoong) and bangus.  boil and simmer for 5 minutes.  
  4. Remove bangus from casserole and set aside
  5. Add grated bamboo shoot and bring to boil
  6. Add jute leaves and cook for 1 min
  7. Turn off heat and top the dish with bangus
Serving size: 3


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