Tortang Sardinas

Very easy recipe for breakfast with just minimal preparation.  It's what I usually cook for Nathan during school days.  We both prefer hot and spicy sardines.  

Sardines are an excellent source of selenium. They are a very good source of phosphorus, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and vitamin D. Additionally, they are a good source of calcium, niacin, copper, vitamin B2, and choline.  Sardines are an excellent source of vitamin B12, ranking as one of the World's Healthiest Food most concentrated in this nutrient. Vitamin B12 promotes cardiovascular well-being since it is intricately tied to keeping levels of homocysteine in balance; homocysteine can damage artery walls, with elevated levels being a risk factor for atherosclerosis. 


Instruction for Tortang Sardinas


1 can sardines (any brand)
2-3 pcs whole eggs
1 tbsp cooking oil

How to Cook:

  1. Drain sardines and mash
  2. Batter the eggs and add salt
  3. Mix the mashed sardines and battered eggs
  4. In a pan, heat 1 tbsp of cooking oil
  5. Add the mixture of sardines and eggs
  6. Cook until both sides are golden brown
Serving size: 2-3

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